How to Try This: Educational Video on Pain Assessment in Older Adults

Audiovisual media has been developed to help teach how to assess pain in older adults. A comprehensive one-hour video is available.

This FREE 1-hour video contains content on assessment of both cognitively intact and cognitively impaired older adults and relevant for the nursing home population.

Four assessment tools are discussed and demonstrated for use with cognitively intact people including the: 1) Numeric Rating Scale (NRS); 2) Verbal Descriptor Scale (VDS); 3) FACES Pain Scale; and 4) Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD). Please consider downloading these tools and having them available for reference while viewing this video. The video can be downloaded onto a computer or DVD and shown to groups of people using a projector.

We recommend that the video be viewed prior to use in an inservice training. It can be shown in two segments, one for assessing pain in older adults who are cognitively intact, and another session for assessing pain in older adults whose cognition is impaired. Some aspects of the video may be distressing to viewers, but serve to show contrast between poor pain care and improvements that can be made with minimal staff training.

Access the video:

To access 2.0 continuing education hours associated with the video click here. There is a $12.95 fee required.