COVID-19 Resources

The information in this section provides support to individuals seeking quality information on COVID-19.

Information for Clinicians:



  • IASP’s COVID-19 and PAIN virtual series has the goal of offering the most current scientific research to attendees. All session for Part 1 and Part 2 are 90 minutes in length and includes a Question & Answer discussion. Each session has been recorded and is available on-demand.
    • Part 1: Elevating Healthcare Professionals and Available Resources
      • This virtual event included nine sessions and discussed various aspects of COVID-19 THAT RELATE TO PAIN EXPERIENCE AND CARE, from the role of the healthcare provider and the review of the current science on PAIN management RELATED TO COVID, to the understanding of the patient’s journey and their decisions in self-management
    • Part 2: "Long Hauler" COVID-19 Pain Morbidities and Their Management
      • This virtual event included three sessions and discussed how pain in acute and early convalescent COVID-19 patients should be managed. Including how current knowledge around pain management, headache, and fatigue can be applied to the treatment of Long and how non-opioid strategies can be optimized to avoid over-prescription and addiction.


Information for Patients and Family Caregivers:

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