Jeopardy Game Instructions

The Pain Jeopardy  is a fun way to reinforce content that has just been, or has recently been taught in an in-service about pain management in the nursing home setting. You may wish to review the slides to make sure your in-service covers the content found in the game.

Items you need to play the game

  • Computer with ability to project the Power Point file onto a wall or screen
  • A reward, to be used in a raffle, for the ‘winner’ or the winning team, depending on how you choose to play
  • A buzzer (or bell) for up to three players from each of two teams (total of six, but can be modified to fit your group size)


Each point amount (like the 300 pt under the column heading “Barriers”) is linked to a question. When you are on the Point Board slide (slide 2), you will press the enter key or click on the heading and point amount requested which will link you to the question. Pressing enter or clicking again will bring you to the answer. On each answer slide is a small box with a ‘home’ on it in the right hand bottom corner. Hovering over this will take you back to the Point Board slide.

Rules of the Game

  • Everybody in the room starts with one raffle ticket.
  • Divide everyone into 2 teams
  • Identify a score keeper
  • Each team sends up 3 players at a time (may be altered if your group is small)
  • A coin toss will determine which team selects the first question.
  • Question selection will alternate between the two teams.
  • Questions can be chosen in ANY order.
  • Each player has access to a buzzer or bell (or some way to make it known that the player is ready to answer the question)
  • Once the question is read, the first team to press the buzzer gets to answer no matter which team selected the question.
  • Answer correctly and completely and win the points, answer incorrectly and lose the points.
  • After 3 questions, team members will rotate off and will be replaced by 3 more.
  • Each time you come up to play, you get another raffle ticket.
  • Everybody is invited to play!
  • Only Current team players are allowed to answer. No Help From the Audience!
  • Once all the questions are answered and the scores tallied, members of the winning team each receive an additional two raffle tickets.
  • At the end of the game, a raffle is held for all players!