Steps to QI Worksheets


Use the worksheets (A - L) to establish the QI committee and committee processes.  Follow the worksheets in alphabetical order and by the time you have filled in the last worksheet, you wil have completed your first quality improvement project.

  1. Worksheet A: Identifying Areas for Improvement
  2. Worksheet B: Forming a Team
  3. Worksheet C: Team meeting Notes
  4. Worksheet D: Goal Setting
  5. Worksheet E: Current Process Analysis
  6. Worksheet F: Root-Cause Analysis
  7. Worksheet G: Fishbone Diagram
  8. Worksheet H: Process Improvement Plan
  9. Worksheet I: Implementation Strategy
  10. Worksheet J: Pilot Testing
  11. Worksheet K: Pilot Test Evaluation Worksheet
  12. Worksheet L: Ongoing Monitoring

Steps to Quality Improvement  Worksheets - see more detail in PDF Version