Communication with Healthcare Provider

The information in this section provides support to family caregivers to understand the most effective ways to communicate with their loved one’s Healthcare team about pain.  And, assist them in documenting and communicating important information about pain to the Healthcare team.

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This document provides an overview of how to prepare for an upcoming healthcare visit for your loved one.

Communicating about Pain with the Healthcare Team: For Caregivers PDF

Pain Diary is used to monitor pain over time, collect data on possible pain triggers and provide information for a healthcare provider to make best treatment decisions.

FAST FACTS: How to Use a Pain Diary PDF

Pain Diary Tool PDF

This tool assists family caregivers to prepare for an upcoming visit with their loved ones.  Healthcare Provider including what they should take with them to the appointment; a location to develop a list of questions they would like to ask the provider and information they want to be sure to share with the provider.

• Preparing for a Healthcare Provider Appointment PDF

This tool is used to monitor the use of medications and any reactions that need to be reported to the primary care provider. The patient should record all medications they are taking and include the additional information listed on the Medication List for each medication. This list should be taken to an appointment with their healthcare provider for review.

Medication List: For Family Caregivers PDF

This document provides a definition and relevance to patients for several common pain terms such as types of pain, pain descriptors, and items related to assessment and management of pain and pain treatments.

Pain Terminology: For Family Caregiver PDF

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