How to Use this Web Site


The Geriatric Pain website is designed to assist clinicians, patients, family caregivers, and people who care for older adults.  The content is organized into topical categories with tools and resources that may be downloaded for use at your workplace.   Some of the content is in the form of WORD documents, PDF files and Power Point Presentations.  Please make sure you have the appropriate software to facilitate viewing or saving documents. 

Use our content at your workplace

Content that is available as a WORD document may be saved to your computer by clicking on the "Save this document to adapt for your own use" link located at the bottom of web pages.  Unless otherwise indicated on an individual resource or document, you may download and adapt the tools and resources according to your organization's and patients' needs. See Site Policies.

If you experience problems downloading documents, please check your individual computer setting.  Your computer may prompt you to turn off Pop-Up blockers or show a dialog box asking you to open or save the file to your computer.  This is not considered a technical difficulty for which you should contact 

To change your settings so a file opens automatically, deselect the checkbox in the dialog box.  

If you would like to increase the font size, follow your individual browser's instructions for doing so. 

If you are having any other problems accessing the website, please contact us.