Pain Terminology and Applications

Pain-Related Terminology and Clinical Application - Table outlining pain terminology, definitions, and clinical applications.

Types of Pain, Examples, and Management - Table outlining types of pain & examples, typical descriptions, and non-pharmacological treatments and effective drug classes.

Pain Management Interventions

Use these interventions to help you manage pain in older adults

Core Principles of Pain Treatment - Although treatment regimens range from the relatively simple, short-term management to complex, long-term therapy required for many chronic pain syndromes, all pain treatment is guided by the same underlying principles.

Higher-Risk Pain Treatments - Learn about higher-risk pain treatments, their associated benefits and risks, and tips for usage.

Lower-Risk Pain Treatments - Learn about lower-risk pain treatments, their associated benefits and risks, and tips for usage.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Interventions - Learn how to manage pain without the use of drugs by employing the use of the following interventions.

Serial Trial Intervention - Brief explanation of the Serial Trial Intervention.

Adverse Effects Management

Bowel Management for Opioid Use - Provides an overview of bowel management in association with opioid use.

Problematic Opioid Use in Older Adults -  Offers definitions and potential treatment options for problematic opioid use in older adults.

Side Effects of Opioid Medications and General Approaches to Management - List of side effects associated with opioids and recommendations for management.

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